Vision of the Managing Director

CeBIT INDIA through its launch edition in 2014, opened to 9,311 business visitors across 3 powerful days defined by the convergence of the who’s who in technology, government, global and Indian leaders, and decision makers and leading technologists from across the subcontinent, paving the way for new business opportunities!


CeBIT INDIA 2015 sees a shared vision with the Government of India’s ‘Making India Digital’ alongwith ‘Business Transformation’ and ‘Innovation & Startups’ unfold through the CeBIT Global Conferences and 4 special features and initiatives that we will host alongside this event: The +91 Startup Challenge, The Future Of Work, Public Sector Parc and CeBIT Executive Club.


Welcome aboard the CeBIT INDIA experience. Enjoy the top keynotes, thought provoking panels, new discussions, technology in action and the stunning displays by the who’s who in technology at CeBIT INDIA 2015.


On behalf of my team, I wish you an enjoyable and inspiring CeBIT INDIA 2015.


Mehul Lanvers-Shah,
Managing Director,
Hannover Milano Fairs India Pvt. Ltd.